Don’t Jeopardize your Patent by Sharing ...

I was asked the following question recently: I have a great new idea. I would like to gauge interest by publicly describing what my new product does. I am concerned, of course, that this may be a problem patent-wise. Does it matter if my disclosure does not tell how my… Read more

Amazon Patents Work-Monitoring Wristband

Last week, Amazon announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted it two patents for a wristband that can monitor its warehouse employees. They filed these patents in 2016, and they were granted on January 30, 2018. How Does It Work This system includes ultrasonic devices placed around… Read more

Never Saw THAT Coming (Back to the Future ...

Inventors, please take note. When you hire a consultant to build a prototype or otherwise help you get your product to market, make sure that your contract specifies who owns any intellectual property that might arise during the consultancy. If you don’t, you may end up sharing patent ownership with… Read more

Beware of Trademark Scams

With increasing frequency, scam artists are targeting trademark registrants with suspicious-looking “snail mail” asking the registrant to send “renewal fees” to avoid abandonment of their trademark registration. These notices look at least somewhat legitimate because they purport to be from official-looking entities and usually contain accurate trademark information. Scammers can… Read more

Can You vs Should You Get a Patent

We were shocked last month when we read Forbes’ Stop Taking Business Advice From Your Patent Attorney where the author wrote that his patent lawyer claimed that his idea would generate substantial income, so much that he “would never be able to count” it all. We’re lawyers, not psychics. It… Read more

Patenting Artificial Intelligence

Under today’s patent law, could Star Trek’s Dr. Soong receive a patent on Data’s positronic brain? Dr. Frankenstein, a patent on his method of making a monster? Dr. Alfred Lanning (of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot) on his child-like robot Sonny? Companies Seek Broad Patent Protection for AI Artificial intelligence (AI)… Read more

Does Your Patent Need a CIP?

When it comes to your patent application, you may have seen the terms “CIP,” “Continuation,” and “Divisional,” but what do they mean? How are they relevant to the patent process? Let’s review these terms and when you should consider employing one of these options. Continuation A “continuation” is a non-provisional… Read more

Finding a Patent Attorney’s Past Work

Applying for a patent is an investment – in yourself, your business, and your invention. Which patent attorney you work with is critical. For the amount of time and money that goes into a patent application, you want to hire a patent with knowledge and skills that correspond to your… Read more

Eyes Up! The Heavenly Palace is Falling!

The Chinese government recently announced that its first space station, Tiangong-1 (天宫一号 “Heavenly Palace 1”), is on a decaying orbit and unresponsive to remote command. Last manned in June 2013, the space station is on a course to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere sometime next year (the U.N. estimates no later… Read more

The Road to Patent Registration – Part II

The road to patent registration can be long and confusing – especially for a first-time inventor. In Part I, we reviewed the first five steps: Step 1: What type of intellectual property provides the best protection for your situation? Step 2: Do you even need a patent? Step 3: Is… Read more

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