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Venjuris is an intellectual property law firm. We offer our clients a broad range of experience and knowledge, coupled with personal and hands-on legal services — throughout the United States and internationally.   Our areas of expertise include:

  • Patents: We help individuals and business owners protect innovation with patents, minimizing a competitor’s ability to reproduce or re-engineer their ideas. This may include materials, chemical products, processes, software, or mechanical or electrical devices; biochemistry, medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs; and many other technologies from athletic gear and toys, to vehicle parts and clothing.
  • Trademarks: We help you select and register trademarks, trade dress and service marks to brand your business and products. Seeking advice from a knowledgeable attorney before branding a product or business can minimize the chances of rejection during the trademark application process or a dispute with a third party, thereby preventing extensive marketing and business costs down the road.
  • Copyrights: In today’s age, taking action to protect your property from piracy is critical. We represent individuals and businesses to protect their creative works by establishing copyright protection.
  • Trade secrets: We help businesses protect their trade secrets, which can be the most valuable asset to an organization. We hep establish the correct internal and other procedures and documentation to protect trade secrets, thereby minimizing the probability that trade secret information can be obtained by an unauthorized party.
  • Patent litigation:  We have experience litigating patent infringement and invalidity disputes involving a variety of technologies, from computer software, website functionality and semiconductor technologies, to medical devices, transportation, online gaming, food and beverage, sports, entertainment, and more.  Our attorneys are also experienced in dealing with “patent trolls.” Our attorneys will devise an efficient and effective litigation strategy with the goal of providing quality representation at affordable rates.
  • Other Intellectual Property Litigation: Our significant litigation and appellate work experience is your asset. We regularly represent clients in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office proceedings, as well as federal and state courts in trademark, copyright, trade secret, advertising, licensing and other cases that touch upon intellectual property.
  • Licensing: We draft and negotiate license agreements for all types of intellectual property. Our goal is to ensure you receive the appropriate rights or remuneration for the licensed intellectual property.
  • International intellectual property: We handle all types of intellectual property law matters for our clients throughout the world. This includes for foreign clients filing for intellectual property rights inside the U.S., and for U.S. clients securing intellectual property rights outside of the U.S. We are knowledgeable of the requirements regarding international intellectual property law and have relationships with numerous foreign legal associates throughout the world who can assist you with your needs.
  • Mediation and alternate dispute resolutions: Mediation is a voluntary process that can be very cost-effective to both parties if an agreement can be reached.  We mediate intellectual property matters, acting as a third party or neutral moderator when a dispute arises.

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