Years of Experience in Intellectual Property Litigation

VCLM146_Group_289x200At Venjuris, we offer our clients significant litigation experience along with individualized legal solutions tailored to their needs.

What do I do if someone is using my trademark? What if someone copies my book, uses my photographs online, or misappropriates my company’s private innovations? How do I know if my situation can be resolved quickly and inexpensively? These are all critical questions, and you deserve straightforward answers from an experienced litigation attorney.

At Venjuris, we are veterans in the courtroom. We ask and answer these and similar questions every day.  Because of that, we can offer clients the most efficient representation that includes our wealth of knowledge and experience in all types of intellectual property litigation. Our team of attorneys has extensively litigated copyright, trademark, trade dress, trade secret, false advertising, licensing and other disputes that touch on intellectual property —  in state, federal and arbitration settings across the United States — providing us with a range of litigation expertise that is rarely found in one firm.

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