Patent Litigation Attorneys with Wide Expertise Across Technologies.

The complexities and challenges of patent litigation are unique, and require an experienced and competent legal team.


Venjuris attorneys have a range of litigation expertise rarely found in one firm. Many of us have backgrounds in electrical, chemical, mechanical and civil engineering, along with experience litigating cases in numerous industries — from computer software, website functionality and semiconductor technologies, to medical devices, transportation, gaming, food and beverage, sports, entertainment, and more. This means we possess unlimited capacity to understand your business, technology and products inside and out. By working with Venjuris, you gain our expertise in global technologies and industries, a competitive advantage worldwide.  And our experience across a range of technologies allows us to view cases with a unique perspective, bringing a fresh ‘outside of the box’ mindset that can make a difference in what are far from cookie-cutter disputes. (Yes, we have litigated cases involving cookies — the chocolate chip and the computer kind).

Patent Infringement and Litigation

The costs often associated with litigation can seem like a barrier that cannot be crossed. At Venjuris, our primary goal is to provide quality, experienced and cost-efficient solutions that fully meet the needs of your situation. We proudly offer the experience and knowledge of a large law firm with the prices and personal service of a boutique law firm.

Our legal team has litigated disputes in federal court districts and appellate courts throughout the U.S., as well as in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. We regularly represent clients on both sides, so we understand how to build an argument that will likely achieve the best outcome for your situation.

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