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One way to set your business apart is with a trademark or service mark, which can be used on particular goods or services unique to your business and has the potential to grow and become a signature brand of your business.

Why Not File Yourself?

Any person can file a trademark application alone, but seeking assistance from a knowledgeable trademark attorney is in your best interests. We can prevent challenges in the future by counseling you now.  For example:

  • Not all trademarks are created equal. The strength of a trademark varies, most importantly on how descriptive it is in relationship to the goods or services. We can help you assess the strength (and consequently the protectability) of your trademark so that you can invest in new marks more prudently.
  • Knowing what to register is not always easy. Your name?  Slogan?  Logo? Some combination?  The answer is not always clear and typically depends on your situation and how close is the next mark to yours. We can help.
  • Properly classifying your goods/services can be tricky. Once filed, you cannot change how you classify your goods and services. You can narrow your scope, but you cannot change, for example, from “t-shirts” to “on-line retail sales of clothing.” If you get it wrong on your application, you will likely have to start the process over again. This could cost you a year and another set of filing fees.
  • Filing for a trademark is only the beginning.  Often, the Trademark Office comes back with an objection to your mark as filed, perhaps as too descriptive or because the Examiner may feel it is too similar to another mark.  In that case, you will need to respond with a carefully researched legal brief setting forth why the Examiner is incorrect and why your mark should be permitted to issue.

While filing for a trademark may seem easy at first glance, it is an important decision and investment, one with lasting repercussions on your brand and business alike.  Get it right the first time — consult with a Venjuris attorney today.

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