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At Venjuris, we understand the importance of choosing an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer who will look out for your best interests, which is why we strive to make this choice an easy one.

Venjuris is focused almost exclusively on intellectual property law and areas that intersect with it. We serve individuals and businesses throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and beyond.  Most of our attorneys have varied technical and engineering backgrounds, and have obtained real-world experience working in the technology sectors prior to entering the legal profession.  This gives our legal team significant insight into handling various patents, trademarks and copyrights related to the technology fields.

Our litigators have extensive experience in all types of intellectual property disputes.  What makes Venjuris unique is the versatility of our attorneys across technologies:  we have litigated patents and trademarks in technology ranging from semiconductors and medical devices, to foodstuffs, athletic equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, transportation, online video games and countless others.  We find that experience across a range of technologies allows us to view cases with a unique perspective, bringing a fresh ‘outside of the box’ mindset that can make a difference in what are far from cookie-cutter disputes (and yes, we have litigated cases involving cookies — both the chocolate chip and the computer kinds).

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