We help individuals and companies prevent and solve intellectual property problems

Since 2002, we have served our local, national, and international clients as innovation counsel. From patents and trademarks, to contracts, litigation, and beyond, we have a breadth of knowledge and experience that is rarely found in a single law firm, including technological expertise, industry experience, formal education, and business savvy.

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Business Is Already Hard Enough!

Don’t put your company at risk of intellectual property (IP) infringement.

Or worse…risk the possibility of losing your IP.

Stop struggling through the maze of IP law and let us save you time and money, and protect your assets.

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We Are Not Just IP Law Nerds

We speak business AND common sense.

  • A patent attorney is a combination of an attorney and an engineer (requiring at least a bachelor’s degree in a hard science). We pride ourselves on our ability to make legal arguments that are intertwined with technical industry jargon and explain complex things in layman’s terms.
  • At Venjuris, we have 9 attorneys and over 150 years’ combined experience, all with different technical degrees and backgrounds.
  • We are small business owners ourselves and understand the challenges you face every day.

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Our Subject Areas


We help protect your inventions and minimize your competition’s ability to reproduce or re-engineer your ideas.


We have substantial experience in the lower and appellate levels of state and federal courts. We will devise a litigation strategy based on your goals.


We can help you select and register trademarks to protect your business brands and minimize future marketing expenses and legal disputes.


We help you devise an effective strategy to protect your works from piracy, which may include registering your works with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Trade Secrets

Your trade secrets are likely your most valuable assets. We can help you minimize the risk that your trade secrets will be leaked or stolen.

International IP

We handle intellectual property law matters worldwide, including completing IP filings for foreign clients and securing IP rights outside the U.S.

Business Contracts

We create and review custom contract templates, purchase agreements, IP assignments and licenses, and non-compete and nondisclosure agreements.

Internet Law

We can help with online harassment, defamation, IP infringement, and domain disputes, and website terms of service and privacy policies.

How It Works

Who We Help

What Our Customers Say

  • A few years ago, I found myself in a legal controversy involving intellectual property, and happily, found Joe Meaney. He became my trusted advisor in this matter. Not only did he guide me through the mess successfully, he did so without having to go to court. Saved me time, money, and a lot of stress, and the issue, once settled, has remained settled.
    Eileen M
  • Awesome patent lawyers! Professional, responsive, creative, smart, helpful, encouraging, honest and integrity are just a few words that describe my patent lawyer, Joe Meaney, who I have been fortunate to work with on my very first provisional patent. Without hesitation, I will recommend him and his firm and I will continue to engage in his legal services and advice as my project develops.
    Sally P
  • Your professionalism and prompt responses were outstanding. I cannot thank you enough for your great service.
    Sue Ritchie


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Venjuris Helps Businesses Solve Their Legal Problems

Most businesses struggle with intellectual property management and addressing their over legal needs. At Venjuris, we meet with business owners, understand the issues they are dealing with, and then ensure they are properly protected and set up to leverage their intellectual assets to grow their companies.