Of Tribes and Trolls: An Unlikely Alliance?

10/11/17 | by | SHARE:

The interplay between Native American tribes and the American government has always been complicated. The law and concept of tribal sovereignty – Native American property constitutes their own country within the United States – has resulted in many unforeseen consequences over the years. This includes easily advantageous ones, such as… Read more

Provisional Patent Buys You a Year … Well, Not Really

10/4/17 | by | SHARE:

When you have an invention, and you are not ready to file a complete non-provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you can file a provisional patent application. If you file the non-provisional patent application that corresponds and claims priority to this provisional patent, the… Read more

Back-to-School Inventions

8/23/17 | by | SHARE:

We’re not just lawyers and inventors, we’re people – and it only takes one letter to change PATENT to PARENT.  As many of us are dealing with the back-to-school frenzy, here are some fun patents to make the process easier . . . or at least more amusing. Umbrella Backpack… Read more

The Road to Patent Registration – Part I

8/16/17 | by | SHARE:

The road to patent registration can be long and confusing – especially for a first-time inventor. Below is Part I of a broad overview of the major steps in the journey to patent registration. Step 1: Determine what Type(s) of Intellectual Property Provides the Best Protection for your Situation First-time… Read more

End of the Monopoly: When Patents Expire

8/9/17 | by | SHARE:

When you have a patent registered with the USPTO, you get up to a 20-year exclusive monopoly to practice your patent. No one can make your patented invention or use your patented process without your permission. Patent = Monopoly on your Invention One of the key benefits of having a… Read more

Are Patent Applications Secret?

6/28/17 | by | SHARE:

What do you do if you have the next great idea but you are not sure if it is patentable? If you file a patent application, won’t it be available for everyone to learn about your great idea for free? Aren’t you better off keeping your great idea as a… Read more

Options for Accused Patent Infringers

6/14/17 | by | SHARE:

In the hierarchy of mail that business owners hate to receive, including annoying junk mail and requisite bills, the most frightening mail might be letters from lawyers. And among letters from lawyers, one of the most petrifying letters you can receive is a law firm informing you that you are… Read more

A Breath of Fresh Air

6/7/17 | by | SHARE:

Last week, I had a refreshing and unusual telephone conversation with a patent examiner from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The examiner called me to discuss a patent application I had filed for a client. More specifically, he called because he had identified “allowable subject matter” and… Read more

Patent vs Trademark

5/24/17 | by | SHARE:

It’s not uncommon for us to get calls from prospective clients who want us to “patent their logo,” or otherwise incorrectly try to use intellectual property terms interchangeably. The terms “patent” and “trademark” both fall under the umbrella of intellectual property, and both are registered through the United States Patent and… Read more

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