VENJURIS protects the intellectual property of adventurous people and corporations.

Locally, nationally and internationally, VENJURIS clients benefit from a level of technological expertise — in software, engineering, semiconductors, medical devices, manufacturing, transportation, consumer goods and beyond — educational degrees, business savvy, large law firm experience and a focus on innovation, that is rarely found at a single firm.

Venjuris: Fluent in Intellectual Property.

Protect Your Inventions and Ideas with Skilled IP Attorneys.

Inventions, ideas and innovations can be a business’s most valuable assets. At VENJURIS, we identify, guide, enforce and help protect the innovations of individual entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike – whether they consist of patentable technological inventions; trademarks and trade dress, the keys of brand identity; valuable trade secrets; or copyrightable subject matter like computer code, art and music. Whatever industry you may specialize in, we can help find a solution that protects your intellectual property and grows your business.

Experienced, Across Technologies and Worldwide.

Our law firm is led by experienced attorneys who have been practicing together since 1999. While located in Phoenix, Arizona, Venjuris serves businesses and individuals throughout the United States and worldwide. Many of our attorneys have strong backgrounds in various engineering and scientific fields, as well as real-world experience working in the technology sectors prior to entering the legal profession. We also possess years of experience litigating intellectual property disputes involving wide range of technologies, from computer software, website functionality and semiconductors, to medical devices, transportation, online gaming, food and beverages, sports, pharmaceutical drugs, entertainment, clothing, hospitality, and more.

Focused on Innovative Solutions and Advice.

Because we understand the law and how it applies to the scientific and engineering fields, we possess an unlimited capacity to understand your business and products inside and out. By working with Venjuris, you gain our expertise in global technologies and industries, a competitive advantage worldwide.

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