Sony Pictures Wracked by Massive Leak

One of the largest leaks of private property might be linked back to a five-star hotel in the capital of Thailand. Sony Pictures became the latest victim of this perilous trend in the tech world, further display that even the major players can be targets — all it takes is… Read more

A Little Common Sense

Isn’t it long overdue that we stop pretending copyright doesn’t affect us? There are many aspects behind intellectual property that the general public might feign ignorance toward – nobody is an exemption to the law. It’s time for standard practices within the arena of copyright to be categorized as common… Read more

Intellectual Property in the Age of Cloud Computing

Could Cloud computing change the very face of intellectual property as we know it? Perhaps a new dawn is approaching – a time and age in which giant tech companies can no longer cry ‘foul’ at the drop of a dime. Imagine a wide range of diverse software, working together… Read more

Why Does Privacy Matter Online?

Why does privacy matter online? This philosophy generally falls into one of two camps – the strong belief that internet surveillance on such massive scales is inherently wrong, or that privacy is just an afterthought provided you have nothing to hide. Glenn Greenwald would argue this line of thinking –… Read more

Superheroes Vs The Supreme Court

Many of Marvel’s caped crusaders may yet have their day in court. The next major premier for Captain America and company is in all likelihood a Supreme Court case. Several decades before, heroes such as Thor, The Fantastic Four and even the X-Men were originally dreamed up in Jack Kirby’s… Read more

Fear of Deep Web Applies Criminal Stigma to Anonymous Browser, Tor

Yesterday, Internet rumors surfaced claiming Comcast would begin blocking users of Tor, an anonymous web browser often associated with pirating. Comcast Vice President Jason Livinghood was quick to cry foul, knowing full well that preventing anonymous Internet browsing could infringe upon user privacy. The story was later put to rest… Read more

Copyright Law Could Stunt Hollywood Privacy Breach

Here’s a hypothetical for you: intimate photos of yourself you believed to be private are suddenly made available to Internet users. In the span of an hour, the material is shared among millions of users. This nightmare scenario ultimately proved reality for dozens of high-profile women within the entertainment industry…. Read more

Monkey Trouble Spawns Copyright Controversy

Now here is a copyright battle that is downright bananas – a British photographer is squabbling with Wikimedia over who owns the rights to a photo a monkey took of herself. That’s right – a monkey selfie. The British photog makes a compelling argument – he believes he retains ownership… Read more

3D Printing Latest Tech to Threaten Intellectual Property

The advent of 3D printing technology introduced many new exciting possibilities, possibilities that may directly impact intellectual property rights. As the technology matures and inevitably becomes more common, what’s to stop 3D printers from infringing certain property rights? Some marketing analysts consider this the next stage in the stormy relationship… Read more

Tesla Releases Patents to Open Market

Tesla Motors recently surprised the business world by releasing their patents to the open market, meaning their engineered technology can now be utilized by direct competitors. Perhaps even more surprising is business analysts are already hailing CEO Elon Musk’s bold decision as a savvy business plan. Many observers viewed Tesla’s… Read more

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