“Asexual Propagation Prohibited.” Say what?

Mother’s Day hydrangeas have a little plastic tag stating, “PP #10,152 Asexual Propagation Prohibited. Bay City Flower Company, Inc.”  What’s this?  A patented plant. Many people are surprised to learn that The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants patents for plants. Under patent law, the first person to appreciate the… Read more

Take it Easy? Not When it Comes to Intellectual Property

Don Henley, singer and drummer of the Eagles, filed a lawsuit against clothing company Duluth Trading Co., claiming the company referenced his name and song title without seeking a license to do so. Duluth Trading Co. sent out an email advertisement for its Henley-style t-shirt with the slogan, “Don a… Read more

You Can’t Patent That

There has been much buzz about the recently discovered antibiotic Teixobactin. It is the first new antibiotic to be discovered in 3 decades. In lab studies, Teixobactin killed MRSA infection and drug-resistant tuberculosis in mice and in cell cultures, without any major side effects and without showing signs that the… Read more

Craft Breweries Get Fractious About “Innovation”

Trademark disputes are very common in the business world. Most of the time, these disputes are worked out quietly between the affected parties. If, however, the trademark dispute is between an independent business and a corporate giant, and information about the dispute ends up on social media, then it quickly… Read more

Make a Brand, Protect a Brand

Good branding must start with the CEO, says Fran Kelly of CEOVIEW Branding. He says CEOs must become “Brand Champions” in order to be the most successful CEO they can be. Kelly says that the desire for and demand for superior branding must come from the top. By making better… Read more

Can Taylor Swift Trademark Her Lyrics?

Taylor Swift recently applied to trademark several phrases from her songs. In doing so, she is breaking new ground in testing the limits of the law. It is becoming very common for recording artists and performers to think of themselves as their own personal corporations and brands. Because of peer-to-peer… Read more

Is It Worth Getting a Trademark? Time Will Tell

In today’s increasingly digitized markets, small businesses can go from mom and pop operations to household names nearly overnight. Take the food industry’s hot-ticket item of the moment, Sriracha. Changes are, anywhere from high-end sushi restaurants to specialty burger bars and everywhere in between, you’ve come across the sizzling, sweet… Read more

Can A Comic Strip Make Patent Law Interesting?

Patent law is not something that most people find all that entertaining. Or all that easy to understand, for that matter. Until now. Together, an artist and law researcher have teamed up to create Law Comics, a comic series that makes famous legal cases easy for the general public to… Read more

Samsung Takes on NVIDIA and 10 Others in Patent Litigation Case

In certain technology circles, NVIDIA is a household name. They are the current market leaders in dedicated graphics chips for computers, they have had graphics processors in various home video game consoles, they have effectively cornered the professional workstation market, and they even have a series of powerful and successful… Read more

Online Copyright Infringement Can be Tricky

The internet can be a wild and wonderful place. Spreading from its humble roots 20 years ago into a world-changing, omnipresent, integral thing, it has encircled the entire globe and affects most of our everyday lives. Being as new as it is, however, there are a lot of things about… Read more

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